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10 lbs of flame-blackened organic bison, eight thick chunks of blast beat pepper jack cheese, raw onions, goat relish, pickled camel uterus, our special chili-infused, whore’s blood tomato ketchup on a toasted riff bun. Served with a side of funeral fries, satanic slaw, and a drink of your choice.

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Our fine selection of lethal lagers, brutal stouts, and dark ales are simply the best. No commercial beer here, my friend! We’ve got the world’s best microbrews and craft beers on tap. Grab a pint or three, or as many as you can hold down. Don’t worry, we’ve got plenty of clean urinals.

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Take a knock at these walls. Feel that? Titanium. The strongest metal on the planet. Underneath all that steel are concrete cinder blocks, held together with iron spikes, leather and our custom rams blood cement. We’re not for the faint of heart! If you dare, there’s a mosh pit in here with your name on it.

April 14th 2014

the scarlet embrace - out now 450

Debut full-length album by Ukrainian Progressive/Symphonic Melodic Death Metal band.

This debut is a result of hard working during two years. Album consists of various Metal elements, plus classic instruments like: violin, cello, percussion and all different kinds of choir, recorded in studio.
Lyrics and melodies take its inspiration from ethnic, mystic, tragedy, poetry and life…

This band will cover you with all that power and beauty that album made of Rock on!

Recommended for fans of: Kamelot, Children Of Bodom, Nightwish, SepticFlesh, Epica, Moonspell, Eluveitie, Sonata Arctica, Dimmu Borgir, Cradle Of Filth, Xandria, Therion, Dream Theater, Haggard, Helloween, Hummerfall, Epidemia and more!!

Metal Scrap Records, 2014 (MSR073/DT)

01. Talio… 02:44
02. Earth’s Sigh 04:46
03. Blood-tied Rose 07:46
04. The Obscure Hermetics 04:16
05. Ancient Tales… 00:59
06. King of Wonders 07:15
07. In the Name of Fathers 05:54
08. Three Coasts 04:13
09. Burning One 08:33

Release date: 14.04.2014

the scarlet embrace band



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Cursed 13 - Seductress (From the Triumf Album)

This song is taken from the “Triumf” album, released by Carnal Records, 2013. All rights reserved.

Video Cursed 13 Triumf Carnal Records Black Metal

Dementia 13 - “Brotherhood of the Flesh” OFFICIAL [HD] NEW VIDEO

Second official video shot at our own rehearsal room in a 113% DO IT YOURSELF production!!! SUPPORT DEATH METAL & help us share the word!!!

"Brotherhood of the Flesh" song taken from "Tales for the Carnivorous" EP released on CD and tape via Escaravelho Recs.

"Tales for the Carnivorous" EP (2013) FREE DOWNLOAD:…

BUY the original CD or tape PLUS other lots of goodies:



Directed by

Ricardo Leite

Photography and post production by

Ricardo Leite

Makeup and special makeup effects by

Ruby Kruss


Miguel Canossa


Dementia 13



Music & lyrics by Álvaro F.

Dementia 13 video line-up:

N. Lima: vocals

Álvaro F.: rhythm guitar

Marco S.: lead guitar

Z. Pedro: bass

João R.: drums 

Dementia 13 studio line-up:

N. Lima: vocals

Álvaro F.: rhythm guitar

Marco S.: lead guitar

Z. Pedro: bass

Xinês: drums



Ricardo Leite, Miguel Canossa, Ruby Kruss and David Cronenberg for the inspiration 










ESP-LTD Portugal:

SUPROVOX: official:

SUPROVOX Facebook:

Video Dementia 13 Death Metal free downloads


Horror Pain Gore Death Productions is proud to present the 2013 Full Year In Review: 25 Track FREE Sampler!

Head on over to the HPGD BandCamp page to download now!

Horror Pain Gore DeathDeath Metalfree downloads

Thy Art Is Murder- The Purest Strain Of Hate (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Thy Art Is Murder official video for “The Purest Strain of Hate.”
Order at:
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Nuclear Blast:
Record Stores:

Filmed & Edited by Savage Photo / Film

"The Purest Strain of Hate" comes from the Thy Art Is Murder album, Hate, out now worldwide.



Video Thy Art Is Murder Extreme Metal Nuclear Blast Records

INDIAN - “Rhetoric of No” (Official Track)

INDIAN - “Rhetoric of No” from the album ‘From All Purity’
Pre-Order at Relapse:

Available January 21st on CD/LP/Digital via Relapse Records.

Official links:

Video Indian Doom Metal Black Metal Sludge Relapse Records

Zombie Commandos From Hell!

In the year 2143 AD, the world’s superpowers have degenerated into warring city-states, competing over what few natural resources remain. Sick of Mankind destroying the world, Mother Earth hires Satan to wipe out humanity. She provides the host bodies (undead humans), while he provides the demons. A small band of survivors—once enemies—are forced to unite to fight the onslaught of zombie exterminators. 

Follow this link to get your copies now!

2 Photos Zombie Commandos From HellSteph DumaishorrorcomicsmagazineszombiesSatan

DEICIDE - End the Wrath of God (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

DEICIDE - End the Wrath of God (OFFICIAL VIDEO). Taken from the album, ‘In The Minds Of Evil’, Century Media Records, 2013. Buy now!

Video Deicide Death Metal Century Media Records

Behemoth’s long-awaited new album, “The Satanist,” is now available for pre-order! 

Pre-order bundles, include: CD, LP, t-shirt, as well as the deluxe box set, and are available at Behemoth Webstore: - signed Digibook - limited BOX

and in North America, in Europe. “The Satanist” will be unleashed on February 3rd in the UK, February 4th in North America and Poland, February 5th in Japan, and February 7th in Europe and the rest of the world. Also, “Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel” has been released on iTunes and can be purchased here: 

"The Satanist" deluxe box, which is available in North America as an European import, includes: CD/DVD digibook in silver mirror slipcase with a high quality 44 page booklet (with gold foil, UV gloss lamination), supersize poster flag (approx. 3.5’ x 5’), wooden black inverted rosary cross, metal pin, black envelope with black communion wafers. The DVD, "Live Barbarossa," includes a professionally filmed show in Ekaterinburg, Russia, as well as 30 min documentary about the creative process behind "The Satanist."

The album was produced by Behemoth, Wojtek and Slawek Wieslawscy and Daniel Bergstrand in Hertz Studio. “The Satanist” was mixed by Matt Hyde (Slayer) and mastered by Ted Jensen (Metallica, AC/DC) at Sterling Sound. The cover art for “The Satanist” was painted by renowned Russian painter and occultist, Denis Forkas ( The paint used included some of Nergal’s own blood! Additional art and design was completed by Metastazis (Paradise Lost, etc.) and Zbigniew Bielak (Watain, Ghost). 

Fans can still order the limited edition 12” EP of “Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel” (1,000 white and 1,000 black, 180 gram vinyl) that will be released as a gatefold with each copy hand numbered and signed by the band. The 12” EP can be pre-ordered via BEHEMOTH’s webstore , Nuclear Blast Europe webstore , and Metal Blade Records US webstore .

"The Satanist" track listing:

1. Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel/

2. Furor Divinus

3. Messe Noire

4. Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer

5. Amen

6. The Satanist

7. Ben Sahar

8. In the Absence ov Light

9. O Father O Satan O Sun!

2 Photos BehemothBlackened Death MetalThe SatanistPolandMetal Blade RecordsNuclear Blast Records

Behemoth - Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel - Official Video (Uncensored)

The Official Behemoth video for “Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel”
Produced and Directed by Grupa 13

BEHEMOTH’s long-awaited new album, “The Satanist,” is now available for pre-order. Pre-order bundles, include: CD, LP, t-shirt, as well as the deluxe box set, and are available at Behemoth Webstore: - signed Digibook - limited BOX

and in North America, in Europe. “The Satanist” will be unleashed on February 3rd in the UK, February 4th in North America and Poland, February 5th in Japan, and February 7th in Europe and the rest of the world. Also, “Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel” has been released on iTunes and can be purchased here: 

Video Behemoth Blackened Death Metal The Satanist Poland Grupa 13 Metal Blade Records Nuclear Blast Records

Profanatica- “Thy Kingdom Cum”

Profaners of the pure, defilers of Dog’s creation, fornicators upon the altar: PROFANATICA return with their most vile and virulent creation yet, Thy Kingdom Cum. As one of earliest American black metal bands, during the dark ‘n’ bloody days of the early 1990s, PROFANATICA set out upon a course of utter blasphemy and barbaric primitivism, then retreating into the shadows as a cult icon, only to be resurrected years later once the black metal scene had finally caught up with their invention/degradation. When they returned, with Profanatitas de Domonatia in 2007, the signature PROFANATICA sound was firmly in place, and yet masters Paul Ledney and John Gelso continued to challenge themselves and push this pulsing primitivism to uncharted waters of sin ‘n’ sickness. Three years later, Disgusting Blasphemies Against God pushed the envelope even further - and yet three more years, and now Thy Kingdom Cum absolutely desecrates that envelope. Tense, veritgo-inducing riffing from Gelso malforms minds while Ledney’s charred-black throat vomits forth visions only PROFANATICA can create/desecrate. This is BLACK METAL incarnate, and then black metal DEFIED/DEFILED. Let the juices flow across Thy Kingdom Cum

1. Ruptureholyhymen

2. Foul The Air With Blasphemy

3. Denounce Him

4. False Doctrina

5. Definite Atonement

6. Thy Kingdom Cum

7. Ropes of Hatred

8. Water to Blood

ProfanaticaBlack MetalHells Headbangers RecordsNew York

Acheron “Kult Des Hasses” Press Release!

Underground Metal legends ACHERON have finally completed their upcoming album “KULT DES HASSES” for LISTENABLE RECORDS from France. Vocalist/Bassist Vincent Crowley has been joined on this album with longtime drummer Kyle Severn and guitarist Art Taylor. Also appearing on the recording as a special guest 2nd lead guitarist is Ricktor Ravensbruck.

There are guest vocal appearances by Death Metal icon Kam Lee (Ex-MASSACRE, THE GROTESQUERY and BONE GNAWER), Jim Lippucci (SOULLESS), John McEntee (INCANTATION/FUNERUS), Jill McEntee (FUNERUS), Ash Thomas (ESTUARY/FAITHXTRACTOR) and Zdenka Prado (ESTUARY).

The album was recorded in Cleveland, Ohio at BAD BACK STUDIOS and mixed and Mastered by the mighty Dan Swano of UNISOUND (Sweden).

Band founder Vincent Crowley said “Even though this album ended up taking much longer than we thought to get done it ended up being something that the whole band is very proud of releasing. We had a very specific idea for this release and I really think we hit the nail on the head. ACHERON wanted to get a true late 80’s/Early 90’s sound on this album and stay clear of the over produced Metal approaches of today. The song writing is very catchy, the bass and drums are pounding and there is tons of shredding guitar solos all over the album. I know ACHERON fans old and new will really enjoy this musical assault.”

The lyrics stay true to ACHERON’s dark appeal. The song JESUS WEPT (Again and Again) is about twisted visions of torturing Christ within nightly dreams-states, RAPTURED TO DIVINE PERVERSION is a story of ritualistic sexual debauchery, DAEMONUM LUX pays homage to the infamous encounter Aleister Crowley had with the demonic entity known as Choronzon, THY FATHER SUICIDE is a tempting tale of how the reaper lures the weak into taking their own lives, SATAN HOLDS DOMINION is a powerful anthem of Satanic reign, WHORES AND HARLOTS pays tribute to the ladies of the evening or as ACHERON would say the “Daughters of Lilth”, MISANTHRPOIC RACE is an interesting song taking us to a time when man evolves into a world of anarchy and chaos, ASPHYXIATION (Hands of God) reflect the highly anti-religious views this believes in, CONCUBINA DO DIABO can actually be taken as sort of a twisted love song about the Devil and his earthly concubine, and last, but not least, DEVIL’S BLACK BLOOD is dedicated to all the ACHERON fans worldwide. (The band usually toasts their crowd with Jagermeister at the end of their shows, which they have nicknamed Devil’s Black Blood.) 

The new album cover was again done by German Artist Timo Wuerz. 

ACHERON has been around for over 20 years and they don’t plan on going away anytime soon. The release date for the album is now planned to be released in early/mid 2014 on LISTENABLE RECORDS on both cd and vinyl. The band also plans to promote the new album by playing some fests and tours in 2014.

4. JESUS WEPT (Again and Again)
8. ASPHYXIATION (Hands of God)

We want to make 2014 the biggest unholy musical assault that ACHERON has ever unleashed. So spread the word to all the Metal maniacs you know and make sure to pick up a copy of the CD or Special Vinyl edition when it comes out. Also visit our sites and leave some comments. You are the Legions of Hatred……Unleash HELL!

Listenable Records Official Website

Acheron Official Facebook page

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Black Metal Thanksgiving

For those of you who indulge, have a Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!

Video Black Metal Thanksgiving

Denied Salvation by DISMEMBERMENT

"We are a metal band from southern Ohio. Formed in 2010, we are fueled by the desire and ambition to create music that is pushing the boundaries beyond what one would expect in certain metal genres. Inspired by bands of the past, we draw our inspiration while injecting our own breed of aggression, passion and fury. We do this because we are fans of metal music, it is what drives us, keeps us inspired and gives us the desire to continue forging onward creating and spreading our music. Without the help of management we have garnered a great deal of exposure and reviews through various blogs, zines, websites and were featured in Metal Hammer Magazine’s Razor Issue 221 Compilation CD along side many notable metal acts. We have self released 2 EP’s, most recently being ‘Denied Salvation’ and are continuing to write new material for a debut full length release. It is our intent to create compelling music that continually pushes the boundaries of what’s expected in metal music.”


The Condemned - EP - (2011)
Denied Salvation - EP - (2012)
Embrace The Dark - LP - (TBA)


Audio DISMEMBERMENTExtreme MetalOhio

CULTED - ‘Oblique to All Paths’ Album Trailer

CULTED - “Intoxicant Immuration” from the album ‘Oblique to All Paths’
Pre-Order at Relapse:
Pre-Order at Bandcamp:

Available January 21, 2013 (N.America), January 17, 2013 (Benelux, Germany, Finland)
January 20, 2013 (UK/World on CD/LP/Digital)

Official links:

Video Culted Black Metal Doom Metal Relapse Records


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